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chair massage

effects of the chair massage

Stuhlmassage by Rabea Iqbal

Erstes TouchPro Deutschland® durch Rabea Iqbal

A special advantage of the chair massage is that one must not undress and because it is a pressure point massage, no oil is also applied. Therefore the chair massage for many becomes simply accessible and offers to the therapists thereby an excellent enlargement for the practise. The experience shows that one wins many new customers / patients about the chair massage there, because the inhibition threshold is lower.

Since the introduction in 1993 in Europe all therapists register huge results, and conquer increasingly the market for this in companies, with congresses, in Health clubs, shopping centres, hairdresser's drawing rooms, Beautyfarms, fitness studios and sports clubs, airports and many other markets conquered.

Infos for chair massge by TouchPro® Germany.

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The chair massage is the fastest growing sector in the massage branch!

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