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our beauty farm

beauty treatment

The IQBAL real estates offers you qualitatively high-quality cosmetics treatments. Besides, we have put together for you an exclusive assortment from leading cosmetics brands which we extend constantly and form by your wishes. On this occasion, for us product quality, compatibility and effectiveness stand in the centre. They should feel fine in your skin and we would like to give you moreover high-class products to the hand


Nothing is shown as often as our hands. They cannot hide them from looks, you welcome, you underline our words in gestures, you signal way of life, you wake up trust, affection and entice.

- 85% of the men look with a woman first at the hands.

With us you get professional and mature Nageldesin for the quite individual one

make-up art

With a Visagisten treatment many interesting possibilities present themselves. Over and over again we receive inquiries for an e.g. dreamlike of day and Abendmake-ups, charming Brautmake-ups, professional Fotomake-ups as well as a make-up cure and style cure.

Appeal to us for a Visagisten styling, you will be able to optimise your external appearance permanently.

... finally, "really" nicely...!

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