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ayurveda treatments

ayurveda treatments

Ayurveda treatments exclusively in the IQBAL Estate.

The Ayurveda therapy becomes more and more popular just in the western society because it helps person to compensate any imbalances about external influencing control like food, massages, cleansing technologies without reaching immediately for drugs. Though Ayurveda is a comprehensive, comprehensive system of healthy lifestyle, nevertheless, ayurvedische methods are for everybody which deals a little bit with it, can be learnt, understandably and even applicable. They help directly to more personal quality of life in the everyday life.

In cooperation with our Ayurveda health centrum RaMasThe - Human Vision Therapy.

IQBAL health-center "RaMasThe"


science of the long life

Ayurveda is the oldest health system of the world and means "the science of the long life". The basis of this remedial art is the apprenticeship of five elements:

Unity of body, mind and soul

IQBALance - Team

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