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Your way to us

IQBAL real estates GbR
an enterprise of the enterprise group IQBAL
Heise 51
27616 Beverstedt OT Hollen

input in your navigation system

With navigationssystem please type:
a) Bokel, Heiser Weg 51
b) Hollen, Heise 51

Travel information by car


Calculate yourselves quite comfortably the route to us automatically!

Route automatisch berechnen lassen...

journey by train:

From Bremen in the direction of Bremerhaven, railway station Stubben get out (from there these are 6 km to us); trains go every hour.

journey by the bus:

From the Bremerhaven railway station to Hagen 3 x daily (in the morning - at noon - in the evening), approx 25 km.

journey by airplane

To reach the international airport of Bremen approx. 45 km about the A27 at approx. 40 min. or by sports airplane to airport of Luneort/Bremerhaven, approx. 18 km with Ultralight airman and helicopter directly on our area.

we wish a good journey!

Kommen Sie gut an in der IQBAL-Hütte

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