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IQBAL Vacation & Wellness Facilities

Welcome by IQBAL Holiday Spa & Health Resort

The IQBAL- Resort (by the North Sea in germany) offers: lodgings, events, rooms, wellness-facilities with ayurveda-therapy and other accommodations for family arrangement or business meetings as well as training facilities is what IQBAL real estates is about. As a steeped in tradition, modern designed and suitable for children the IQBAL real estates offers everything to the guests what they wish to fine around themselves. Guests from all over the world in different ages meet here for more than 25 years and a huge number of them returns as a habitué over and over again.

40.000 square meters estate

In the middle of the moors, on a sandbank located, you will find the lonely and idyllically situated estate of about 40,000 m2. In addition to the urbanization with integrated multi-purpose hall and wellness area with indoor and outdoor swimming pool, sauna, Jacuzzi, outdoor kitchen and bar, covered seating surrounded by a small lake with artificial rocks and waterfalls and a rustic 9-hole golf course also surrounded by 150 fruit trees with clean air in an agreeable climate.

Also there is an office building if you have to work. The entire system is managed by a security system is monitored and at night, the automatic lighting for a pleasant atmosphere. On the grounds, there are approximately 100 years old trees.

IQBAL advertising film for Niedersachsen

... We make nothing extraordinary, but ordinary extraordinarily well ...

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