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Company Profil

IQBAL Systeme GmbH

The company offers hardware-independent software-products, which correspond to the latest technological standing; they are comprehensive tested and well devised. The products are usable for scientific-technological section and for business areas, too.

Further supplies the company - software for performance and productivity increase for the operating system. Rounding off of the offer the company arranges training programs which are adapt to the standing of the knowledge and offers non-stop-service. For this we pay attention to a reasonable relation between price and performance.

development of the company

The first company of the IQBAL company-group established up in 1982 in Germany, called Performance Systems GmbH. In the year of foundation the product development was mostly done in the USA and England.

Already in the first four business years Performance Systems GmbH takes care of 300 big-business-clients, for which the product development was moved to the company-owned computing centre, so the software-products could adept to the special request of the clients into the German-speaking area.

Today IQBAL GROUP have companys in folling area.

IQBAL Enterprise Group (ICT, Vacation, Healthcare) - Germany