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IQBAL Healh Center organised exchange program

doctors for india & germany hospitals

The doctors hospitierten in Indian medical centres in Bangalore and Chitradurga. There they divided during her stay her experiences with Indian colleagues and got to know the challenges of the medicine in the threshold countries. While in Germany the cardiac infarction is the most frequent subsequent illness of diabetes mellitus, the foot complications come first in India. Mutual exchange by the flying doctors.

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India recruitment offensive abroad

Doctor's associations of India deplore care crisis

In India doctors, certified nurses and orderlies are absent. Indian doctor's associations require from the government there bigger strains to enlist additional doctors and additional nursing staff during the coming years. Otherwise threatens the collapse of the Indian health service. Till 2017 „at least 1.4 millions new doctors“ must be enlisted according to experts to guarantee the care of the population with health achievements.

German doctors and nursing staff for India.

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