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apartment in east Germany

our holiday apartment in east germany

in 04736 Waldheim Sachsen nah am Erzgebirge

Did you always want sometimes to the east part of germany? Our holiday apartment is located in the province Sachsen between Leipzig, Dresden and Chemnitz. This apartment offers you the perfect opportunity to move your destination without big and heavy suitcases.

Here you can throw a look in one ours completely Eingericht and equipped nice holiday apartment for up to 6 people.

By the as affectionate furnished flat you can feel fine not only simply living, but yourselves so properly and concern all her destinations without stress.

basic equipment with balcony:

A modern proper bath with washing machine and tumble drier, TV, a kitchen with dishes and cream cheese, 2 bedrooms with a comfortable double bed in each case, a sleeping couch for 2 people, div. Chemist's shop article. Bedclothes and towels also exist.

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